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Carefully handcrafted, a one-of-a-kind mailbox to last a lifetime
Also available is the
Carbon Steel Version Veeders Mailbox

Veeders Large Stainless Steel Mailbox

Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox mounted on
6 x 6 pressure treated post.  The original premium rural style heavy duty mailbox is still nonpareil for quality and distinction..

From the manufacturer of the original custom-made, heavy duty, vandal-resistant mailbox, the Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox is undeniably the finest rural style mailbox on the market.  Each Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox is handcrafted with expert attention to detail.  You will not find a finer mailbox anywhere. The brushed stainless steel finish of this mailbox will boost the curb appeal of your home’s entry with its exquisite, distinctive appearance.  It is simply a work of art.  Veeders Mailboxes have graced the entries of fine homes from Maine to Hawaii since 1979.  Now is your opportunity to own one! 

flagwaveMade in Ohio, USA

Mentioned in an Atlantic Monthly article, Veeders Mailboxes have dominated the most discriminating of neighborhoods, especially the Stainless Steel models.  We recommend the Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox over any other rural style heavy duty mailbox. If you are not 100% thrilled with this mailbox, we will waive the normal restocking charge on the return. Quantity discounts are available if your neighborhood or Homeowner’s Assocation would like to place a large order.  Simply inquire about quantity discounts.

Veeders Stainless Steel Mailboxes are individually fabricated and can be customized to suit your installation requirements.  The mailbox comes with a bracket welded to the base of the mailbox for accommodating a 6 x 6 inch pressure treated wood post.  If you wish to mount to a different type of post, the bottom of the mailbox can Bearing closure on Large Veeders Stainless Steel Mailboxbe customized to fit your situation.  Normally there is no additional charge, unless your situation requires extensive work.  Examples of custom situations are: 

    • granite post or column
    • a multi-mailbox spreader or trestle installation
    • masonry pilaster for built-in mailbox installation.

Holes can be drilled in the mailbox base at the factory according to your template [fax to 425-799-1902].  Mounting bracket flanges can be slightly narrowed or widened [default spacing is 5 5/8 inches to accommodate actual size of 6 x 6 inch wood posts].  Most customizations can be accommodated, however we do not recommend installation on 4 x 4 inch wood posts 

Please note: the USPS has approved the design of this mailbox with mounting brackets installed as the default.  If you request customization, the US Postmaster General Approved seal will be removed from your mailbox because it will no longer conform to the design that was originally approved.  This does not mean your local postmaster will refuse delivery to your mailbox.  It only means, the USPS requires specific designs to be approved, and not customized versions of approved designs..

Veeders Large Stainless Steel Mailbox

Spring loaded bearing makes for more substantial door closure than magnets or door clips

You Can Have the Benefits of Stainless Steel, in a Painted Mailbox...

That’s right... you can order a Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox in one of four colors.  This way your worries about rust go out the window, and you can still have a Black, White, Green, or Red mailbox to suit your taste.  There is no additional charge for having your Stainless Steel Mailbox painted!  Just pick from the drop down menu your choice of colors.  A brushed stainless steel finish is the default if you do not select a color.

Throw in a Post ...

That’s right.  Don’t have time to shop for a 6 x 6 post and lug it home in the trunk of your Prius?  Just add one to your order in the form below.  The pressure treated single or three piece Douglas Fir post will arrive on your doorstep along with your new mailbox.


Note: Each Veeders Mailbox is carefully handcrafted.  Kindly take this into consideration before placing your order.  Because each Veeders is custom built for each customer, it is not an order that can be cancelled without penalty of the full price of the order.  Payment is taken up front for each order as it is placed.  Veeders customers understand this is not an ordinary mailbox, and that it is well worth the wait.


Large Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox - 11" wide, 13" high, 23 1/2" long, 62 pounds. Price - $695.00 plus shipping.   
Locking Partition Door for Large Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox For Large Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox only. Not USPS Approved, however most carriers deliver to this locking partition $175.00

Large Double Door Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox - 11" wide, 13" high, 23 1/2" long, 62 pounds. Price - $798.00 plus shipping.   

Small Veeders Stainless Steel Mailbox - measures 8" wide, 10" high, 21" long; weight - 40 lbs. Price - $585.00 plus shipping.   

Straight One Piece Pressure Treated 6" x 6" Wood Post For Veeders Mailbox customers only. Not sold separately $69.00
Three Piece Pressure Treated 6" x 6" Wood Post; Pointed top, horizontal support, and support brace. For Veeders Mailbox customers only, please. Not sold separately $260.00

 Need to customize your mailbox base? EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS HERE



Optional Locking Partition Door protects your mail

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