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H E A V Y B I L T    M A I L B O X E S

Tired of replacing your mailbox every couple of months because vandals use it as a  target for baseball bats, bricks, and M-80's?  Then you need a Heavybilt Mailbox.

Heavybilts are designed to deter, discourage, and defend against mailbox vandalism.  Heavybilts are so well constructed, they carry a limited Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship under normal conditions**. They are also Postmaster General Approved.  These mailboxes have the same durable 3-step paint job that is applied to today's automobiles.  Better still they are virtually half the price of comparable vandal resistant mailboxes.  We know of no better mailbox for the money than this beautiful custom mailbox.  Heavybilts are the best deal in vandal resistant mailboxes, and we have the best deal on Heavybilts.

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Heavybilt Mailboxes are available in Eight Models:

  • The Country Estate is the original vandal-resistant Heavybilt Mailbox available in nine colors and Two sizes.  Now offered in a new heavy duty aluminum model in one size.

  • The Hampton Estate has the same heavy duty features of the Country Estate, but adds a new element of contemporary elegance and classic beauty.  Also available in New Age Bronze and Copper Vein finish 

  • The Belmont Mailbox comes in two sizes, Small, Medium,, with a selection of custom door plaques for the large in Brass and Pewter.  Available in a Basic Version with painted door plaque, no brass or pewter.  Also available in New Age Bronze and  Copper Vein finish   A small heavy duty aluminum model is also available.
  • The Newport Mailbox is a new addition in a premium mailbox that offers excellent value.  Exceeds by far the quality in comparable premium mailboxes.  While not a heavy duty steel vandal-resistant mailbox, the Newport offers a 10 year warranty on its superb powder coat paint finish. 

**  Does not apply to paint finish, because of the many varying conditions where each mailbox might be installed.  Many installations expose the mailbox to road salt from ice/snow removal.  Installation near the ocean exposes the mailbox to constant salt air.  Auto exhaust from installation near busy roadways is corrosive.  Painted carbon steel items require a minimum amount of maintenance, such as periodic cleaning on a regular basis, and with gloss paint finishes, a UV resistant car wax is highly recommended, two or three times per year.  These simple steps can keep your mailbox looking like new for many years into the future.  Because the manufacturer cannot control this maintenance process, they cannot extend the warranty to paint finish. 



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