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What has consistently been the most attractive mailbox since the invention of heavy duty mailboxes?

What are the MOST secure mailboxes on this website?
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Fort Knox Mailboxes,

Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Steel
Letter Locker with Medeco Deadbolt Lock and The CLAW

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...replacing smashed up mailboxes with the same old flimsy tin cans that vandals love to whack.

Letter Locker Super Mailbox

Premium Mailbox of the Month
Letter Locker Super Mailbox features a hopper style door for small packages, prescriptions by mail, and bundled mail. Letter Locker’s lock upgrade options make this one of the most versatile locking mailboxes on the market. 
Made in the USA flagwave

That’s where our heavy duty, vandal-resistant steel, aluminum, and poly mailboxes can change your life. They are built to withstand typical vandal abuse from baseball bats, rocks, bricks, M-80’s, canned goods*...even accidental blows from snowplows. They also are a very handsome addition to your home’s appearance, and make a positive first impression at its entry. We have several sizes, styles, and colors of vandal-resistant mailboxes to choose from.

Still have an unlocked mailbox out on the street? Would you leave your most valuable personal and financial information in a shoe box alongside a public thoroughfare? That’s in essence what you are doing if you do not have a locking mailbox. Check our locking mailbox selection below...


Fort Knox

Mail Theft is a bigger problem than Mailbox Vandalism. We have many styles of
Locking Mailboxes...

Mail theft is an epidemic in some parts of the country, and a dangerous threat everywhere else. If you think it’s a bad idea to leave your sensitive financial, social security, and other personal information unprotected out on the street in an unlocked mailbox, then you need a locking mailbox. Choose from the Mail House, Victorian Mailbox, Masonry Mailboxes, Roadside Locking Mailboxes, and Wall Mounted Letter Lockers. dVault Co. has used its package delivery expertise with its new dVault Jr. Mailbox which includes a hopper style door for small package delivery. Perhaps the most popular locking mailbox in America is the Oasis Mailbox, from Architectural Mailboxes. The incoming hopper door is ideal for small packages like check boxes and prescriptions by mail. The smaller Oasis Jr. Mailbox is popular for smaller volume residential applications. We have the best prices on both Oasis and Oasis Jr. FORT KNOX MAILBOXES have been selected as the “World’s Best Locking Mailbox.” Fort Knox Mailboxes are unsurpassed for mail security, built with 1/4 inch steel walls and several options for lock security. They feature the Large and Small Standard Fort Knox Mailbox models, as well as the FORTRESS, the Vacationer, the Senator, and the Package Box. See the video on the Fort Knox page. 

Oasis Mailbox

The Oasis Locking Mailbox


Mail Chest
Locking Mailbox


dVault Jr. Mailbox
from dVault


Letter Locker
Wall Mounts

Letter Locker Super Mailbox

The Letter Locker Super Mailbox


Mail Chest





dVault DVCS0015 Mail/Parcel Box

dVault DVCS0015 Mail/Package Box

If you need something larger we also have Large Capacity Locking and Security Mailboxes

We offer large capacity and heavy duty security mailboxes for handling large volumes of mail for home or business. We have the paragon of security mailboxes, the Letter Locker, in several sizes with upgraded lock options: Standard, Super, Supreme, now offered with the unique lock mechanism upgrade called The CLAW. Salsbury Mail Chests are available in two sizes and can protect lots of mail for your peace of mind. For the ultimate in mail security, check out the Maximum Letter Locker.  For secure residential package delivery we offer the dVault curbside and wall-mounted delivery vaults. dVault now offers the Post Mount Curbside Delivery Mailbox, which securely accepts both small packages and US Mail in the same mail receptable. Fort Knox Mailbox’s massive products include their large Vacationer, Senator, and Package Box, all in 1/4 inch steel with upgradeable locks. Mail security is not always built from high priced steel. The newly introduced Mail Safe Mailbox is one such heavy duty mailbox made from high impact composite plastic. The Mail Safe offers similar toughness and safety as its costly steel cousins but at a fraction of the cost. Offered in six simulated granite colors, the Mail Safe is certain to be a hit with residential and commercial mail patrons, but a bust to mailbox vandals and mail thieves. The Qualarc Manchester Column Mount Mailbox is another mailbox designed to be installed into a masonry pilaster, which can be a column or wall built from block, brick, or rock. The steel insert and Security Chute are built by the top quality manufacturer, Qualarc.


Manchester Column Mailbox


Supreme Letter Locker Mailbox

Supreme Letter Locker Mailbox



Mail Safe


Titan Steel Mailbox
 by Special Lite

 Perhaps the highest end vandal-busting, locking mailbox is the FORT KNOX MAILBOX line from Oregon. This company has put together the most stout, secure mailbox that we have seen. 1/8 inch steel walls used to be the standard for optimum heavy duty steel mailboxes. FORT KNOX has made theirs with 1/4 inch steel walls. Check out this high end mailbox. You can’t do any better. See their Standard, Vacationer, Fortress, and Senator Mailboxes.

Heavybilt Mailboxes by GM Mailboxes can’t be beat for durability, quality of construction, and value. There are more expensive heavy duty steel mailboxes on the market, but Heavybilts are without a doubt the best bang for the buck.  Heavybilt now offers three attractive styles of vandal-resistant mailboxes. Heavybilt also has a quality line of complementary aluminum (rust-proof) mailbox posts. designed to mount Heavybilt Mailboxes.

Custom Addressing is a service we offer on Heavybilt mailboxes. We think we offer the best addresses available anywhere.. Choose from reflective or non-reflective addresses, in a variety of colors and typefaces. Many of our other mail and drop boxes have addresses and plaques as an option offered by the respective manufacturers. Check these out when ordering.

An alternate heavy duty rural style the Letter Locker heavy duty rural mailbox, also offered in a locking and a Double Door version. We are also pleased to offer the new Titan Mailbox and Berkshire Mailbox from Special Lite Products. This new 10 gauge steel rural mailbox comes in a variety of colors that are sure to beautiful the entrance to your home at a very affordable price.

Large Burgundy Heavybilt Country Estate Mailbox





 Standard Maximum Letter Locker


Letter Locker Double Door Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox




Special Lite’s Town Squre Mailbox

New Premium Mailboxes set your home apart from the ordinary...

A category of roadside mailbox to consider is the Premium mailbox, which is upscale and artfully crafted, but not a vandal-resistant tank like the Heavybilts. If vandalism is not a major concern and you would like a very nice mailbox in front of your home, consider a Premium mailbox. The Newport, by GDM, maker of the Heavybilts is one such Premium mailbox. The Newport offers quality Galvaneal construction and many quality touches not found on a standard rural mailbox It’s compatible with all of Heavybilt’s posts and comes in a new two-door version.. Also popular are the uniquely beautiful Floral Mailbox and Hummingbird Mailbox from Special Lite Products, including their hand-painted Hummingbird model above right.  The Floral Mailbox is available in a Two-Door version which is ideal for those concerned with road safety while retrieving mail (below left). The Double Door offers the option of retrieving mail from the rear instead of having to go into the street. Special Lite is a quality company that also offers the economical heavy aluminum Classic Curbside Mailbox, also available in a double door version; and the Town Square, which is a roomy, versatile mailbox with newspaper holder options. New to the Special Lite line is the economical, attractive Savannah Mailbox. Special Lite also makes a variety of aluminum posts that make perfect companions with these mailboxes. Another choice is the heavy gauge aluminum Antique Brass Classic Rural Mailbox by Salsbury, with a beautiful finish. The Eagle Rural Mailbox offers rust-proof aluminum designer styling at a bargain price.


Newport Premium Mailbox


Hummingbird Mailbox with Newspaper Holder 
by Special Lite




Double Door
Floral Mailbox
by Special Lite


Hand-painted Hummingbird Mailbox
by Special Lite


Berkshire Mailbox by Special Lite


Classic Curbside by Special Lite


Eagle Premium Rural Mailbox



the Courier Box

the Courier Box

Commercial Mail and Drop Boxes are a hot item, and we have a great selection...

Whether your needs are for Private Use locking Letter Boxes and Mail Drop Slots, or large Drop Boxes and Courier Boxes, or if you are a developing wanting to comply with the current USPS standards in a CBU multi-mailbox installation, we have the best products at the best prices on anything you might need in this category. If you are a business, government agency, hospital, university, city, or large corporation, your mail volume is typically large. In this case you probably qualify with the USPS for a commercial mailbox installation. The benefits of a commercial mailbox are many, but a primary one is that your outgoing mail will be secure, contrary to the lack of this feature for stand-alone residential mailboxes. Your postal carrier will carry the USPS Arrow Lock key, for retrieving outgoing mail and depositing incoming mail. We have several commercial mailboxes for this purpose, among these being the Letter Locker Arrow Box, the Letter Locker Collection Boxes, and most of the Fort Knox Mailboxes which can have a USPS Arrow Lock Door installed as an option. Permission is required from your local postmaster, so check with him or her before ordering. 


Courier Box


Letter Locker Arrow Commercial Mailbox


Letter Locker USPS Collection Box


Pedestal Drop Box

Multi-mailbox units are the wave of the future... these make mail delivery and pickup more efficient for the US Postal Service. They also make outgoing mail secure for residential mail service, and there are package compartments for Parcel Post deliveries that are secure. The latest models of USPS Approved Salsbury 3300 Series CBU. Community mail centers requiring CBU installation do not have to be limited to utilitarian designs for standard CBU’s. Salsbury’s Regency CBU line is ideal for neighborhoods desiring a mail center with architectural appeal.

Private Use Courier, and Drop Boxes are in high demand and we offer the best products available in this category with excellent prices and low shipping costs. There is a wide range to choose from, large and small.

Swirl Emblem0203


Letter Locker Drop Box


Mail Drop & Locking Receptacles


Private and USPS Letter Box

Auth Florence Seires F CBU

Salsbury Series 3300 CBU


Regency CBU


USPS Parcel Locker

Mailbox Posts and Accessories
Check out Address Plaques, Mailbox Posts, Commercial Signage, and other accessories...







Newspaper Holders

*One vandal boasted at our Grisly Tales of Mailbox Bashing message board that he’d demolished his neighbor’s mailbox with a “can on beans [sic].”


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